***Covid Disclaimer*** Due to Covid 19, We practice all CDC Safety Guidelines and Standards to Ensure the Safety of our Patients and Staffs.

Los Angeles Mobile Imaging

We are your home for mobile ultrasound technology in the Los Angeles area. With highly trained radiology and ultrasound experts, we bring the latest in mobile imaging medical technology straight to your door. Our experts conduct every exam, and our diagnostic technicians review all results to ensure accuracy. Let us bring the medical care you need to you.

Convenient Self Pay Imaging Saves You Money Over Insurance 


We offer self-pay for our customers with high insurance deductibles. We provide direct upfront pricing that lets customers see exactly what they are paying for. This allows them to save money and avoid dealing with difficult insurance claims. 

More importantly, you can get high-quality medical care brought straight to your home without paying hospital prices or rising insurance rates.

Los Angeles Imaging

More Than 2 Decades of Experience

Our medical teams have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of radiology, cardiology, and medical imaging. We bring that experience to every appointment to ensure our patients the highest level of medical care possible. We know how important your health is to you. That’s why our team is made up of local medical experts that value the health and safety of our patients.


Passionate and Friendly Staff

Our patients are the life of our business. That’s why we do our best to treat each and everyone like a trusted friend. Our staff is passionate about healthcare and will do everything they can to make your imaging appointment as comfortable as possible while delivering the quality medical care you need and deserve. We’ll be there for you to help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.


Open Every Day For Your Convenience

Unlike some clinics and doctor’s offices, we offer appointments seven days a week. This means you can get the medical services you need when you need them. No waiting weeks on an appointment or waiting until Monday to call and schedule. You can contact us any time and often you can get same-day service. 

Early screening is vital in treating and preventing many medical issues. It’s essential to get these screening services as soon as possible. Don’t settle for pointless wait times and far-off appointment dates for the medical care you need.


Service the Same Day

We’re ready to serve you whenever you need us. We have mobile imaging teams on standby to come out to you and perform live-saving screenings as soon as possible. We even offer same-day service for patients that schedule early. Our wait times are never long, but the sooner you call, the sooner we can come to you and get started providing you with the mobile imaging services you need.


Don’t Leave Your Home, Let Our Staff Come to You

Leaving home and traveling to the doctor can be difficult, even during the best of times. Now that Covid is such a concern, the threat of exposure is greater than ever. That’s why Los Angeles Mobile Imaging is the right solution. 

We come straight to your door and provide you with the mobile imaging you need, all while practicing the highest in CDC safety standards to protect you and our staff members. There’s no reason to fear getting the medical procedures you need any longer.


No Hidden Fees

The best part about Los Angeles Mobile Imaging is that our prices are straight and to the point. No hidden fees or extra charges. What you see on the bill is what you pay. This is our way of making it easy for our patients to pay for their medical care without all the hassles that go with insurance claims and without paying high deductibles and incredible hospital prices.

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Our Services

Los Angeles General Ultrasound
General Ultrasound Logo

General Ultrasound

We offer a wide array of general ultrasound services that cover many major issues and organs within the body. Some of our general ultrasound services include: Abdominal organ screening, including the liver, kidneys, spleen, gallbladder, and other organs. We can screen your organs for issues relating to proper blood flow, blockages, and chronic issues such as kidney stones and gallstones. 

We can also screen for issues in soft tissue and small organs, including the thyroid and testicles. We can also screen for masses in the body and examine your musculoskeletal system.  

We use only the latest and most advanced ultrasound technology to make sure we can give you the most accurate screenings possible Our diagnostic technicians check all results as well to ensure accuracy.

Los Angeles Vascular Ultrasound

Vascular Ultrasound

We offer more specialized vascular screenings in addition to our general ultrasound services. Vascular ultrasound is able to scan the veins and blood vessels in the body for many different issues. Some of the major areas include the Aorta and the Carotid arteries. We also offer Venous and Arterial Doppler screening for checking the blood flow and circulation of the blood in the extremities, particularly the arms and legs. 

Vascular screenings are incredibly important for monitoring potential issues with blood clots, blood flow, circulation, blood pressure, and other issues. Early screening can truly save your life. Don’t waste time. Get the medical care you need today.

Los Angeles Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Cardiovascular (Echo) Ultrasound

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body, and a cardiovascular ultrasound is crucial to determining how well it is functioning. We can perform routine echocardiograms to check the chambers of the heart for signs of defect as well as checking the valves for any issues. 

We can also measure your ejection fraction to determine how well your heart is pumping blood out of the left ventricle. This measures how well your heart is able to return new blood into your bloodstream. We will check for valvular anomalies and heart defects as well. 

Our trained cardiologists are always on hand to help screen for and diagnose any potential issues. A proper heart screening is one of the most important steps you can take in terms of monitoring your health. It’s time to take advantage of our cardiovascular ultrasound services to protect your heart.

Now is the time to contact the friendly, knowledgeable, and expert staff at Los Angeles Mobile Imaging to take care of your ultrasound needs. We’re ready to take your appointment seven days a week. Call us at (213) 652-3726 to schedule an appointment, or you can book automatically online.

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