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Part of taking care of our health means getting checked regularly for problems inside our bodies. Not just our heart and lungs, we also need to screen for problems in our vascular system, meaning our veins and arteries. It’s easy to develop a blood clot, poor circulation, or other issues and not know the cause. 

That’s why Los Angeles Mobile Imaging offers vascular ultrasound services to help detect things that can’t be found through normal means. It’s easy to forget about things we don’t regularly think about, but we know how important these parts of your body are. We urge everyone to see about getting a vascular screening. 


What is a Vascular Ultrasound? 


Vascular ultrasound is a type of screening procedure that uses sound waves to examine the blood vessels for irregularities such as blockages. The ultrasound checks all the arteries and blood vessels, particularly in the upper and lower extremities, where blood flow issues can be common. 

The vascular ultrasound lets us detect things that can’t be found through normal means. This can cause issues to go unnoticed, even with regular doctor visits, because unless an ultrasound is performed, there’s no way to tell if something is wrong. Most doctors won’t order an ultrasound unless they see other signs that one is necessary. 

We advise taking your health into your own hands with an annual screening of your vascular system using our vascular ultrasound service. Like our other services, the test is administered by kind and caring professionals who go the extra mile to deliver the healthcare our patients need. We also have trained diagnosticians with every test to ensure accurate results. 


What Can A Vascular Ultrasound Detect? 


Vascular ultrasound can detect narrowing or blockages in the arteries and veins, aneurysms, abdominal aortic aneurysm, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), blood clots, coronary artery disease (CAD).

 These symptoms may include weakness on one side of the body with numbness down the arm or leg; unexplained chest pain; dizziness when changing position suddenly; the sensation that heart is pounding out of chest even when resting; shortness of breath with activity; unexplained sudden weight gain and general aches, pain and fatigue. 


How does vascular ultrasound work? 


The physician will put gel on your skin and move a transducer over it, sending sound waves in different directions. This will display a clear image of your veins and arteries on our mobile ultrasound machine that can then be used to check for issues. 

Our staff, along with the diagnostician, will review the results and recommend further treatment if necessary. The primary thing to remember about getting an ultrasound is that it’s relatively quick, painless, and a great way to prevent or catch potential health problems in the vascular system. 


Who is Eligible For a Vascular Ultrasound? 


We urge anyone who wants to stay on top of their health to get a screening, and though there are no specific eligibility requirements, patients can get them of their own accord or be referred to us by a doctor. 

Anyone who is at risk for vascular disease or has been diagnosed with a condition that requires follow-up is in particular need of getting a screening. It’s a good idea to get a screening even if your doctor doesn’t recommend one if you already have underlying factors that may contribute to a vascular issue.  


What Should I Expect During My Visit? 


Our staff will come directly to you with our portable ultrasound machine and perform the procedure right in your living room. We carry everything needed to perform a full vascular screening and deliver it right to your door. 

Once the screening is complete, the results will be reviewed, and we will follow up with you regarding any necessary medical treatment or issues that are discovered. 


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